Resident Evil: Retribution - Jill Valentine Out And Ada Wong In?

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What? Nooooooo!

News just hit the web this week that the 5th Resi movie in the ongoing franchise has had a major change of character inclusion with Jill Valentine (played by the stunning Sienna Guilory) being chucked out (even though she made a cameo at the end of Afterlife which was to lead on to Retribution) and Ada Wong (from the Resi 2 game) joining instead.

Very strange news considering Sienna Tweeted not so long ago that she was getting into shape for the next movie and now she's out completely... Could this mean that Milla Jovovich may be hanging up her guns after this one and Miss Guillory could take over (considering that Jill and not Alice was the original gaming heroine back in the day)? I mean why would they write her out completely? Hmmmm...

We'll see. Either way I feel a mixture of joy and hatred that yet another Resident Evil film is coming our way very soon!

UPDATE: Looks like the fan outrage that came after the above news pushed the creators of Retribution into taking on Sienna/Jill after all with two Tweets from her Twitter account saying she was going to a meeting and then another confirming that the angry fans had secured her a place in the movie after all!

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